Surveys on left-handedness & being left-handed

We have been running a number of different surveys over many years. Most are currently closed for new responses – we will be adding new surveys shortly

Teacher training and left-handed children

Being left-handed survey

This survey is about which hand left-handers use for various activities, how left-handedness runs in families and how left-handers are affected by their hand preference.

The survey form, results and analysis for this survey are on our Left Handers Day site at

Use this link to go to the Being Left Handed Survey form to complete it with your own answers

Use this link to see the results and analysis for the Being Left Handed Survey

Left handed school experiences survey

There are lots of great things about being left-handed, but it can sometimes be hard trying to learn to do something in a right-handed way or with right-handed tools. Nowadays, many schools are realising that it’s not fair to make us left-handers do things “back to front” and that left-handers deserve to be just as comfortable when they learn. There are lots of really useful left-handed teaching aids and equipment that are now available to schools, but some teachers still aren’t using them!

Left handed life choices survey

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