Teacher Guidance – Surveys

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The Left-Handers Club (LHC) is a leading organisation concerned with the needs of left-handers in all areas of society.  It has been established for over 20 years, with a worldwide membership of over 100,000 left handed people.

Our members have constantly voiced concern that left-handed children are struggling with their handwriting and not developing a fluid and comfortable writing style.  Many parents feel their children do not receive specific guidance at school on how a left-hander should write, and that very few teachers are (a) aware there are specific techniques that can help left-handed writers develop a clear, efficient and comfortable writing style, and (b) know what these essential steps are and how to implement them.

In order to obtain a clearer picture of the real situation in schools, we are asking teachers to complete this simple questionnaire on the provision of training for teachers in left-handed issues and the current guidance being given to left-handed students (if any).